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Lab of Flowers Testimonials

I would like to express a brief word of thanks and true appreciation for your excellent customer service. Your patience and integrity alone make doing business with you a pleasure; your top quality products and endless knowledge and advice complete the picture to perfection. Count on us as customers for a long, long time.
Molly Falmouth, ME

Your blends are amazing and very effective.
Mimi, Naples FL

I have ordered oils from a variety of companies to identify the best sources. The packaging of your essential oils is wonderful. Having all of the pertinent information on both the package and the bottle is brilliant. Your Lavender is head-and-shoulders above any of the other Lavenders I have purchased from other companies. Previously, I didn't like Lavender that much because the fragrance was always a little sharp. This Lavender did not have that problem: incredible! My mother always grew verbena in her garden when I was a child. I had forgotten that until I opened the bottle of Lemon Verbena. The beautiful aroma immediately reminded me of the verbena fragrance wafting through the air when I was a child. It smelled identical to my childhood recollection, not just similar to it. It was amazing. These oils are by far the best that I have found. Thank you so much.
Marilyn W., Vienna, VA

Thank you so much!! They are the best oils; there is no comparison out there!
Thanks for all your help!!
Alison, Reston, VA

“Michael mixes his knowledge of essential oils with his understanding of Eastern and Western traditions and combines in a practical, professional and relevant manner. He has a human approach to his work and a way of making people feel good while they learn about how to restore balance into their intricate lives. This is more than words, it is a practical approach based on a mixture of logic, intuition and common sense. Things that we have simply forgotten are restored through the use of affective remedies and insight that involve the use of aromatherapy in daily life. Whether you working on restoring your health or well-being, dealing with excess stress or sleep challenges or even looking for more energy or inner peace, Michael will be able to assist you. As a group or individually; personal or professional; physical or emotional; in your home or immediate environment, Michael’s programs and services are not only enjoyable but you will feel the affects of his work immediately.”
Michelle Kelthy, Spa Director, Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL

The recent course was informative and inspiring. You maintained a great balance between lecture and hands-on modes. It was relevant, provocative, enriching, and life-shifting for every one there. I felt confirmed in my approach and most delighted to discover how differently you integrate essential oils into personal development and/wellness.
Susan T, New York

This training was a fun and whole experience. Not only do I like the products and protocols but the concept behind it all, the knowledge coupled with the intuitive approach and the Chinese philosophy influence and reference make practice pleasurable. Michael brings his passion and instills into each day, into us; inspiring, enlightening, simply enjoyable. Thank you Michael.
Carole Ly Sing Lao, Ritz Carlton, Ft Lauderdale

Your class was so well done; I find that I already know more than I should at this point and I continuously use the materials as reference.
Lori K.

The 3 day course was informative and inspiring. You maintained a great balance between lecture and hands-on modes. It was relevant, provocative, enriching and life-shifting for every one there.
Susan T, NY