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Personal Blends

Personal blends are customized blends that can be made for specific purposes. Please list the condition and/or symptoms, moods or emotions or anything that bothers you and you will be sent an email response regarding the making of either one or more blends. Depending on the complexity of the situation multiple blends will be recommended if relief cannot be received from one blend due to conflicts with specific combinations of essential oils. The quality of essential oils varies and not all essential oils are available organically. Depending on the purpose of the blend there may be very little difference between the use of conventional and organic essential oils.

I am looking for a blend for the following condition, mood or emotions

I have the following symptoms

I have the following symptoms

I have the following symptoms

I have the following symptoms

My budget is

I am currently taking medications for this condition or symptom Yes No

I only want an essential oil blend or synergy
I prefer the blend to be mixed with a carrier or other base for ease of applcation
I only require organic essential oils
50% organic and 50% conventional is acceptable
Conventional grade essential is acceptable