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Request for an Intuitive Aromatic Reading
“To be healthy is dependant on your emotions and an understanding of your strengths and challenges as dictated by your life circumstances, genetics and an awareness of energy patterns at the time of your birth."
Michael Scholes



Intuitive Aromatic Reading $225.00

This comprises a 90 minute session (in person or over the phone) with Michael Scholes where your medical history, symptomology, psychological state and overall health condition will be reviewed in order to present essential oil formulations for change. The reading will also focus on emotions, relationships, career, finances, spiritual matters, obstacles and health. What affects your emotions will ultimately affect your health.

You will be presented a series of aromatic choices in terms of treatment from specific blends for products for bath, body, massage, skin, hair and the environment. These blends, when added to a life that is committed to change, will act as catalysts that will in turn move you through obstacles.

Price: $225.00 for 90 minutes and included one blend. This reading is specifically suited for those who have health challenges or facing life changes.


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Intuitive Aromatic Reading and Five Element Evaluation
$400.00 (save $75.00)

What is the differerence between a Five Element Evaluation and an Intuitive Aromatic Reading?
Elements is more about a review of the subtle aspects of your energy anatomy as it relates to the balance between the five elements and how imbalances can affect your physical and emotional life including finances. An Intuitive Aromatic Reading is more of a health review where the source of the condition will be addressed as well as the identification of aromatic solutions for change.