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Aromatherapy is not guesswork. These courses are a must for anyone who is using essential oils in a professional capacity..

Michael Scholes
The Laboratory of Flowers

Home Study Courses

The Michael Scholes School for Aromatic Studies
presents five courses
in home study to choose from,
each increasingly more challenging in materials
and hours toward completion



Beyond Scents 20 hours (pictured)
This course is the equivalent of aromatherapy 101 where all the basics are covered in order to provide a good foundation. This course is for beginners and includes and includes 1 x 95 minute video, 23 essential oil samples, 4 x 90 minute audio tapes carefully edited from the best of all the live classes and a 250 page workbook including a unique therapeutic index with over 100 recipes. A certificate is awarded after completion of an online test. $250.00

The Aromatherapy Series 20 hours
This course is a collection of five individual lessons on aromatherapy. Lessons include The Psychology of Scent, Aromatherapy and Your Personality, Blending for First Aid, Balance and Reflection, Massage Skin and Hair Care and Living The Aromatic Life. More than 55 essential oil samples are included in addition to one home study course workbook, 5 x 90 minute audio tapes, 12 carrier oils samples, 15 empty blending bottles. A certificate is awarded after completion of an honor test. If you have read a number of aromatherapy books, have little or no formal training, enjoy practical application then this course is for someone like yourself who is seeking specific instructions on specific topics. $275.00

Certification Course 100 hours
This program is the home version of the live class and has been edited from the best classes since 1991. This course is a miniature version of the diploma course but in less detail. It is the most convenient way to cover a vast amount of material in a short period of time. This program is designed for those who want to study the subject of aromatherapy in greater detail and are possibly looking to incorporate aromatherapy into a career. It is a perfect addition to any massage, esthetics or alternative health program. The course features 25 x 90 minute audio tapes, a 300 page workbook, 3 hour video featuring: massage, skin, hair and reflexology treatment and blending supplies. A certificate is presented on completion of a multiple choice quiz and thesis. A Samples Set of 140 essential oil samples, 20 absolutes and 20 carriers is an optional addition for $295.00 (regularly $395.00). This is the perfect way to own samples of every essential oil, absolute and carrier in the course for a fraction of what it would cost if you where to purchase in regular sizes.$575.00 (Save $100 if you have previously taken the Beyond Scents or Aromatherapy Series home study course. Enter name of course and year of order in license field on order form to apply discount to your order.)

Teacher Training Course 100 hours
In this home study program you will receive all the edited audio tapes from best of three different five day programs presented from 1994 - 2002. In addition you will receive an updated manual as well as blending supplies. This program focusses on why, how, when and what to teach. The program focusses on practical matters, organization skills, aromatherapy knowledge and presentation skills. Personal practice takes place during Teacher Training II that can be attended once the home study course and its requirements are met. $750.00

Diploma Course 300 hours
A 300 hour program divided into 10 modules that are designed to demonstrate all facets of aromatherapy. Created for those who desire to practice the art and science of aromatherapy. This course is designed for the professional who seeks a more in-depth understanding of aromatherapy. This course focuses on blending where the student learns how to make blends that are safe and effective using the concepts of botany, chemistry and intuition. The course contains An Essential Oil Sampler Set containing 140 essential oils, 20 absolutes and 20 carrier oils. Each of the 10 modules comes with edited audio tapes from the live classes, original course notes (modified for the home course), video tapes (specific modules only) and blending supplies.

MODULE 1: Aromatherapy 101 (diploma version)

MODULE 2: Botany

MODULE 3: Chemistry

MODULE 4: Blending

MODULE 5: Consulting

MODULE 6: Massage & Reflexology

MODULE 7: Skin & Hair Care

MODULE 8: Subtle Aromatherapy

MODULE 9: Pregnancy & Childcare

MODULE 10: Marketing

A diploma will be awarded on completion of 10 multiple choice quizzes, 10 assignments, a written exam, blending evaluation and thesis. The multiple choice exam can be taken at home while the oral exam is presented over the phone.

Diploma Course Payment Options:

The Diploma Course is available for $2,400 in full at time of purchase through online orders. Students may also apply for a payment plan of a $750.00 initial payment and eight additional payments of $250.00 totaling $2,750 in payments.

Certification graduates receive a $500 credit towards the program. Beyond Scents and the Aromatherapy Series graduates receive $250.00 credit towards the diploma course. Enter the name of course and year of order in the license field of the order form to apply the discount to your order.

All courses are mirror images of the live classes
and include audio tapes, essential oil samples,
blending supplies, written materials and video tapes*

(*videos not included with The Aromatherapy Series)

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