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I have been all over the world and
I personally guarantee you will always get the very finest oils found anywhere.

Michael Scholes
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Special Events
June 22-29, 2009
France Aromatherapy Retreat
Provence, France

Michael Scholes will share his broad knowledge of aromatherapy as well as his insights and skills as a master blender, therapeutic formulator and natural perfumer. Other speakers include Dr. Daniel Penoel and Robbie Zeck ND. Daniel will share his decades of experience and wealth of knowledge on the medical and integrated aspects of aromatherapy. Robbie will present a fascinating look into the emotional and holistic healing properties of essential oils.

You will directly experience aromatherapy from field to bottle with visits to master distillers, small essential oil producers, aromatic plants — both cultivated and in the wild as well as discussions with growers and other local experts. You will also have time to experience Time also to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Haute Provence with its beautiful villages and markets, purple lavender fields, delicious food and the wonderful warmth of the local people.

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July 11-14, 2009 France
Quantum Aromatherapy
Dr Daniel Penoel, MD

“This training will give you practical and affective skills and tools to take away and apply in real world situations.”

Essential oils are currently used both in the traditional holistic approach as in well as the more clinical or medical orientation. The traditional holistic and molecular models do not assist us in deciphering the full power of essential oils and fail to give us a tangible explanation. There is a need for aromatherapists to acquire deeper, more systemic approaches to extend the existing knowledge. To get the full picture of Dr Penoel's in-depth knowledge, a substantial course is now offered to English-speaking people. CPD Module 1 is a stepping stone and is the first module out of the 3 in-depth modules offered to gain a qualification in Quantum Aromatherapy(r).

The first training in Quantum Aromatherapy(r) will be held from Saturday, 11 July to Tuesday, 14 July 2009. Set in the beautiful Drôme valley, in France, near Provence, the Quantum Aromatherapy(r) training is a truly uplifting experience. You will be immersed in a French context with French tutors involved in aromatherapy for over 30 years. This will enhance the richness and diversity of this unique experience. The 4-day CPD training gives time to really get into a Quantum Aromatherapy(r) Mindset to explore practical and effective skills.

The Quantum Aromatherapy(r) framework enables us to unravel the code of essential oils from another viewpoint. Dr Daniel Penoel MD, in realizing the full potential of essential oils, has drawn 7 key principles from New Physics including Quantum Mechanics, space-time Theory and interconnectedness. He has combined these principles with his knowledge as a medical doctor and from his thirty years of experience.

Further Information
Please contact Quantum Aromatherapy on Tel: 00 33 4 75 76 83 42;

Route du Pas de Lazun
26400 Aouste Sur Sye
Tél : 011 33 4 75 76 83 42 - Fax : 011 33 4 75 76 83 44
Email to:

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Aromatherapy and Essential Oils
by Michael Scholes


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