Golden Moor Bath Oil 6 oz. $30.00
A spa favorite and a secret recipe centuries old

Mustard Bath 9 oz. $32.00
For muscle stress and nervous system overload

Sea Bath Calming Oil 6 oz. $30.00
A must-have for soothing stress and fatigue

Sea Salts 9 oz. $30.00
Seduction Purification Tranquility

Bath Oils 6 oz. $24.00
Purification Seduction Tranquility

Body Wash 6 oz. $19.00
Purification Seduction Tranquility

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I have been all over the world and
I personally guarantee you will always get the very finest oils found anywhere.

Michael Scholes
The Laboratory of Flowers

Bath Products

Each of our bath products is designed for a specific desired outcome and each bath product has complex essential oil blends added for maximum affect.

We guarantee the quality of our products by using the finest oils available.
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