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Request for a Five Element Evaluation
Elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water and they affect every part of our world, lives and specific skills and talents. We are born with one primary element that is more predominant than the others and this will determine your primary strength and destiny throughout your life. On a day to day basis how the five elements interact in your life will indicate strengths and challenges throughout your life as well as health challenges and luck cycles.



Five Element Evaluation

In this evaluation you have the opportunity to review your:

Primary element
Luck chart
Daily element imbalances
Health evaluation
Essential oil review
Product suggestion

General Evaluation includes a review of your primary element and qualities, day to day element imbalances, luck review and suggested Element products for maintaining balance
Detailed evaluations includes a review of your primary element & qualities, day to day element imbalances, luck review, health evaluation and includes essential oil blend suggestions (does not include the actual blends).

Relationship review includes review of your primary elements, days to day element strengths and imbalances, containment/support review, challenges/solution suggestions and essential oil/product recomemnations. Relationships can be spouse, partner, family member or colleague.
Detailed evaluation and couple review is a detailed review about the primary persons element plus relationship compatibility.

Follow up phone review can be scheduled after your evaluation has been emailed to you.

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Primary Birth Date Including Time of Birth

Location of Birth

Please check each box that applies:

General Evaluation $100.00
Detailed Evaluation $200.00
Relationship Review $100.00
Detailed Evaluation and Couples Review $250.00
Review By phone $150.00 per hour