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I have been all over the world and
I personally guarantee you will always get the very finest oils found anywhere.

Michael Scholes
The Laboratory of Flowers

Chi Massage Oils

The Power of Chi
by Michael Scholes
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We can be reached by phone 9am - 5pm M-F PST at 310-827-7737.
Fax us anytime at 310-388-5841. Our facilities are located at:
The Laboratory of Flowers, 21010 Southbank St. PMB 630, Sterling, VA 20165

Massage Chi $24.00

A specialized massage system formulated to activate all the energy systems of the body using pure essential oils and complex carrier oil combinations.
Find out more on each here.
Purchase 4oz Chi Massage Oil blends or 12ml Synergy Misters
l in blue spray bottles for each of the conditions:
Nerve Chi Balancer
Respiratory Chi Accelerator
Stomach Chi Assimilator
Stomach Chi Sedator
Muscle Chi Activator
Urinary Chi Release
Circular Fluid Chi
Feminine Chi Cycle
Hormonal Chi Balancer
Immune Chi Strengthener
Lymph Chi Activator

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