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I have been all over the world and
I personally guarantee you will always get the very finest oils found anywhere.

Michael Scholes
The Laboratory of Flowers

Our Promise to You

We guarantee that the quality of essential oils are the finest available.
We specialize in organic, genuine, authentic, vintage, and wildcrafted essential oils from small specialized growers.
We offer several varieties of specific essential oils from different countries distilled in a variety of ways.
We promise to package fresh your order the day we receive the order and have it shipped the next day.
Our staff has been with us since our company inception. Only LabofFlowers staff members receive and process your order and your information is not shared with anyone outside or our business.
It is our policy to remove any item unavailable in stock from our price lists until supplies are replenished.
If you are not completely satisfied with our product in any way, simply return the product for a full refund.
Any items offered as free incentive promotions will be yours to keep.
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We can be reached by phone 9am - 5pm M-F PST at 310-827-7737.
Fax us anytime at 310-388-5841. Our facilities are located at:
The Laboratory of Flowers, 21010 Southbank St. PMB 630, Sterling, VA 20165

Is this personal? You bet it is.
We at Laboratory of Flowers appreciate your privacy and your computer. We process all our orders ourselves, and your sensitive payment information is password encoded until we and only we receive it. In addition, your email address and buyer information is privately guarded and never given or sold to others.