Bio-Active Foot Balm $35.00
A rich and cooling cream mentholated to reduce swelling as it brings immediate relief. Contains red algae gel, sesame, macadamia, shea butter, fucus algae, cascarilla bark extract, wintergreen, peppermint, rosemary, cypress, ginger, eucalyptus. 4oz in blue cobalt glass jar

Rose Hand Cream
$35.00 4 oz $12.50 1 oz

Tiamo Hand Cream
$30.00 4 oz $12.50 1 oz

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The Laboratory of Flowers

Body Products

The body deserves to be pampered and our luxurious body oils, lotions, balms, scrubs and creams are designed to leave the skin feeling soft, silky and well nourished. Each natural product has custom designed essential oil blends added, many organic, with fragrances that appeal to the senses. Our natural skin care line combines the finest raw materials from around the globe with rare and precious essential oils. Our skin care line focuses on our need to cleanse as well as protect the skin in today's stressful world and damaging city environments. We use all-natural clays, seaweeds, creams, scrubs, serums and herbs in healing products that nourish, purify and restore. We guarantee the quality of our products by using the finest oils available. For an expanded list of our products, click here

Ginger Rosemary Body Scrub 4 oz. (Pictured) $30.00
Foaming Body Scrub 6 oz. $19.00

Body Lotions - 6 oz. $25.00
Purification Seduction Tranquility
Calming Energizing Detoxifying

Body Oils 4 oz. $20.00
Seduction Tranquility

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